5 Ways to Make It Through the First 3 Days

Author: J. Taylor

Have you considered bariatric surgery?  Are you afraid because of the pain you may face?  Do you think you can’t handle it?  Think again.

I think the first three days after surgery are the most difficult to get through.  After that, each day gets better and better.

I can give you some helpful hints that worked for me; maybe they will help you, too.

  • Number one – take your pain medication on schedule.  You’re not going to get addicted to it with the amount the surgeon prescribes, so don’t let that scare you.  Taking pain medication doesn’t mean you are wimp; for goodness sakes, you’ve just had some major interior design!  Plus, taking the medication will help you deal with the pain much better, which will allow you to move around more frequently.
  • Number two – while you are in the hospital, they want you to get up and walk as much as you can.  Yes, there is pain involved in doing that, BUT it ends up helping you heal up more quickly.  Be a good girl/boy, and do your walking – even when you get home, do it.
  • Number three – getting up after surgery can be painful.  You have a large tummy that wants to drop down as you stand up and gravity takes effect.  I would sort of hold up my tummy with my left hand and gently let it down, while my husband would help me stand up by taking my right hand and pulling me up.
  • Number four – I placed a thick pillow on the chairs I sat on, so I didn’t have as far to move in order to stand up.
  • Number five – I lived in my recliner for a few days after the surgery.  I even slept in it until I was able to lay down with less pain.

One, two, three, four, five.  There’s five helps on getting through the first three days.

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2 Responses to 5 Ways to Make It Through the First 3 Days

  1. Zina Green says:

    You are so right about the first three days being the most difficult! After that the pain was so much less and I felt so much better, I had to be careful not to over do it!

  2. Julie Taylor says:

    You are right, one has to be careful not to over do it. If you do too much, you’ll be right back in bed (or recliner).

    I was wondering how you did with your walking and taking pain meds those first three days? Do you think that the walking helped work the soreness out?

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