8-Weeks and Done or 8-Weeks and Just Begun- The Genesis Experience

Author: J.Taylor

Perspective and motivation; these are two very powerful things; the kind of things that can either defeat you or drive you.


If you are meandering through life, day by day, with no particular aim, an 8-week Paleo/Crossfit challenge, known as The Genesis Experience, can knock you into a tailspin.  You can see the challenge as an enormous mountain blocking your path to “Nowheres-ville”, and you have no hope of scaling that seemingly impassable mountain.

“Fine.  Whatever.  I guess I’ll at least attempt to crossover the mountain so I can get back to normal, and resume my path to  ‘Nowheres-ville’.  I mean, if I at least make an attempt, I’ve alleviated my guilt, right?  I mean, I’m just proving to everyone that I really am stuck, and I’m just going to have to be this fat forever.  I tried, after all.  What more can people want?”

That’s one perspective.

Here’s another:

“The Genesis Experience.  Wow.  What exactly does that mean?  I’ve never even heard of it before.

Well, I talked to my doctor about my frustration with my weight-loss plateau.  I went to him, searching for answers that I didn’t have.  I’ve done the things that I think I should be doing, and I’ve hit a brick wall (or a mountain, as some say).  As a matter of fact, I keep hitting that same brick wall, with the same result again and again.  I suppose that means I need to get off my current path and find a way around this obstacle, or burst through it.

Great!  My doctor has given me this shiny, new ‘toolbox’ (called The Genesis Experience) full of tools to break down this brick wall.  I’m glad he listened to my concerns; I guess the next thing I need to do is explore this toolbox and figure out how to use these new tools.  It looks very intimidating, but going back and hitting that brick wall again is not an option for me.”


I’ve chosen the second perspective.  It’s a choice.  I’ve made that choice and set it in ink.

It’s a turning of a page.  I’m not going to read the book backward.  The page has been turned and I’m moving on to the rest of the story; and yes, there is a “rest of the story”; it doesn’t end here.

By choosing this perspective, it takes the monster of  lifetime weight issues and makes it just an obstacle – not an impassible mountain.  That, my friend, brings HOPE.

This choice also renews motivation.  “Oh, this is a nasty brick wall, but now I’ve been given tools to break the wall down, and guidance on how to use the tools effectively. LET’S DO THIS THING!”

In addition, this perspective does not put focus on the chatter of what other people think, say, or expect.  It puts the focus right where it needs to be; on me and the obstacle.  The chit-chat of what others may or may not think is peripheral junk, pebbles on the path; not worth my time or energy.


As of today, this 8-week challenge has come to its conclusion.  I’ve completed the task, and I’ve done what my doctor suggested.  I’ve worked extremely hard, and I’ve done a good job.  I’ve seen positive results:  greater strength, greater stamina and endurance, greater mobility, better and steady energy (not high-low energy spikes), greater mental focus….and by the way, I’ve dropped two dress sizes this 8-weeks.  Not too shabby, eh?


So here’s the question:  8-weeks and done?  Or, 8-weeks and I’ve just begun?


Pfff!  If you even THINK it’s 8-weeks and done, you know nothing about me.

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