A Painful Reminder

Author: J. Taylor

Nothing says “summer” like grilling out, a watermelon icing down in the cooler, and a fresh ear of corn.  My oh my, does that sound good!  A couple of weeks ago, that’s exactly what I had on the family menu.


I had passed a road sign that said “sweet corn” with an arrow pointing to a farmer’s field.  It had been ages since I’d had an ear of corn.  It sounded so good, and I knew my family would love it, too.  So, after work, I swung by the farmer’s field and picked up a bag of corn, freshly picked from the field. I took it home, shucked it, pulled off the silks, and put them in a pot of boiling water while my husband tended to grilling.


In no time, we sat down to a great  summer meal.  I put the butter on the corn and hungrily watched as the the butter melted between the kernels and dripped down onto my plate.  With my first bite into the corn cob, I could feel the kernels bursting with flavor in my mouth.  Then, like a type writer, I made my way down the cob.  The yummy goodness was just as tasty as I had anticipated it would be.


A while after I ate, I began to feel pain in my stomach, and I told myself I needed to remember to eat more slowly.  I had been so excited about diving into that corn, I had eaten faster than I should have.


An hour later, my pain had gotten worse, and I noticed it came in waves;  waves of terrible cramping.  I could not find a comfortable position.  I tried sitting several different ways, laying down, walking, etc.  No relief.  This was not good.  This pain was not from eating too fast; it was something else.  It was the corn.


Over the next several hours, wave after wave of pain,  I began to feel much differently about the wonderful, fresh corn I had fixed for dinner.  Suddenly, it didn’t seem so wonderful anymore.  As I thought about it, this had been the first time since my bariatric surgery I’d eaten corn on the cob.  It would also be the last time.


The buttery corn that was bursting with flavor just hours before had become a painful reminder that I need to be more diligent and on guard about what I put into my body.  I don’t think I will forget this lesson any time soon.  That watermelon is looking better and better!

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