About Us

Bariatric Freedom was designed to give you real, up-to-date, scientific, expert opinions on topics that are important to you.  While the major thrust of the website is to educate post-operative patients on how to be successful following weight loss surgery, there is something here for everybody.


The Internet


“But I read it on the internet.  It must be true.”  As a physician, I hear this, or something like this, routinely.  The idea for Bariatric Freedom was born out of the need to have a website that contained real information about weight loss surgery, post-operative diets, workable exercise regiments, and concerns following any procedure.  The internet explodes with information on a myriad of topics- some information is good and some information is bad.  We want you to be able to cut through the fog and rise above the noise.  We want you educated, so you can make real decisions for yourself.  Whether you are considering the decision to have weight loss surgery or trying to break through a weight loss plateau after your procedure, we are committed to giving you the information you need.


Broad Impact of Bariatric Freedom


Diet and exercise effects everyone, not just the person who has had a bariatric procedure.  We will be continuously gleaning the scientific and lay literature in order to provide people with real information that is scientifically based and medically sound.  We will occasionally have guest postings from content experts designed to assist you further as you continue pursuing better health.  Interested in hearing about a popular diet program?  You can find that information here.  Do you want to exercise, but you just seem to lack the time?  We can show you effective workouts with as little as 4 minutes per day.  What supplements are effective and what is a waste of money?  We can give real advice.  Are you interested in learning more about a subject?  We will be providing book and product reviews.  Anything you need, we want to be your go-to source


While weight loss surgery, diet, and exercise will keep us very busy, you will also find expert commentary of topics of general interest.  When something is of such significance that it effects everybody or has a significant impact on the status quo, we will be a voice to guide you.  New cancer screening recommendations, end of life issues, and health care policy may all be things that we opine about in these pages


We truly hope that you find this site relevant and interesting.  We will work hard at gaining your trust and maintaining your interest.  If you ever have any topic or recent news you would like commented on, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to a long relationship with you.


As with all things medical, while the commentary here is expert, there is no way to anticipate or address all the medical needs of the people who will be coming to this site.  Be sure to discuss any changes you would like to make in your care with your physician.

We will be using illustrations in our postings that are based on real people and real patients.  However, we have changed the situations, circumstances, and patient characteristics in order to ensure absolute privacy.  If you think you recognize someone in a posting, it is purely coincidental.

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