Carbs Must Be Evil



Author: J. Taylor

Let’s look at a parallel, shall we?  When I say “evil” what do you think of?  I would imagine “the devil” or “Satan” would be at the top of that list; at least it is on mine.  So, let’s take a look at some things that describe him, and then we will see how carbohydrates stack up against it.

The Devil:

  • His influence is rampant.  Always right there in your face
  • He is sneaky
  • He can be extremely enticing
  • He will tell you what you want to hear, not necessarily what is true
  • He will make bad things look sooo good


  • They are everywhere.  All the yummy tasting stuff seems to be full of them
  • They are sneaky.  Some foods can seem healthy, until you find out how loaded with carbs they are
  • They are extremely enticing (duh!)
  • They will tease you, leaving you wanting more
  • They look sooooo good, but can cause soooo much weight gain


I could go on, but can you see the obvious answer?  CARBOHYDRATES ARE EVIL!!!  (okay, for those of you doctor-ish people out there, I know they do actually have some health values, but c’mon, most of the time they’re like little demons).  Who’s with me on this?  Let’s form a mob and beat the daylights out of them! 

What?  That mob already exists???  It’s called what?  THE GYM?  Pffff!  Oh, for pete’s sake!  Fine.  Whatever!  Let’s put our running shoes on and get this over with.

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