Is My Hair Falling Out Or Have I Always Had A Bald Spot???

Author: J. Taylor

We’ve heard the horror stories, haven’t we?  “As I was showering, I looked down and there was a pile of my hair on the floor!”  Or, how about this one, “after brushing my hair, my brush is completely full of loose  hair!”

Losing your hair is a valid concern when you are considering gastric surgery, but it’s doubtful you will lose so much that you could knit a sweater with it.  Before I had my surgery I

  • talked with my surgeon about hair loss,
  • asked people I knew who’d had the surgery,
  • I did some online research

I learned that although I may have some hair loss, there was something I could do to minimize it.  I began taking Biotin before my surgery, and continued to take it afterward for a good long while.

So, what is Biotin?  In my research, I found lots of large words that sounded confusing.  But, in a very general overview, just know that Biotin is in the B-Vitamin family, and it promotes stronger, healthier hair and nails.  It is also believed that Biotin may be helpful in maintaining steady blood sugar.  You do not need a prescription for it.  You can purchase it at individually or as a part of a B-complex vitamin.

Food sources for Vitamin B7:

Brewer’s yeast and Royal jelly (both have the greatest amounts of biotin)
Organ meats-kidney and liver
Chicken, fish and pork
Barley and oats
Fortified cereals and bread
Corn, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and onions
Swiss chard, tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms
Legumes, soy, wheat bran and avocados
Almonds, walnuts and nuts

Egg yolks, milk & cheese

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