It Feels Like The Real Thing: Truvia™

Author: S. DeKeyser James

Endorsing a particular product over another is not my aim here. In fact most artificial sweeteners are pretty much the same for me. I’ve used them all – the pink, blue, and yellow packets – they all are sweet and since my sense of taste for the “sweetness” is diminished; I use a lot!   I’ve used artificial sweeteners for years and according to the articles I’ve read, the use of artificial sweeteners is not that healthy for you.  There are all kinds of unpleasant effects from artificial sweeteners, some quite severe. But Truvia™ is a natural sweetener and is a better option.


Truvia™ made from Stevia Rubiana, is a perennial herb native to eastern Paraguay and has been available on the shelves of health food stores for years. I started seeing it on grocery store shelves a few years ago, but never bought it because I heard it had a bitter aftertaste. All of that was about to change!


I’m a one cup-a-day coffee drinker it’s part and parcel of my morning routine along with my oatmeal. I was at the coffee maker when I discovered to my chagrin I had run out of the blue packets! I looked around and noticed a co-worker had brought in a box of Truvia™ and I decided to try it.  What I found was it looked like sugar, it tasted like sugar – what’s even better, it felt like sugar.  That’s what sold me!  Truvia™ has a granular look and it feels like sugar in your mouth so it fooled me to the point that I had to look a second time at the package to make sure there were no calories.  There are three grams of total carbohydrates per packet; for diabetics that’s good news. Those few carbohydrates come from erythritol a natural sweetener found in certain kinds of fruit, like grapes.


Since I had gastric bypass surgery, I’ve had several “pouch-rejections” – where the food (for whatever the reasons) is rejected.  Bringing up food with little or no liquids is very painful so knowing what that pain is like; I NEVER want to feel the pain of “dumping” from eating sugary or overly fatty or greasy foods —so I’ve avoided sugar in all its forms.  Even after almost eight months post-op – real sugar has never passed these lips!  Discovering Truvia™ was wonderful!


What about the bitter after-taste? I didn’t taste it – as I said earlier, I’m not all that sensitive to the “sweetness” of artificial sweeteners – might be due in part from years and years of use? At any rate, where one person would use two packets of an artificial sweetener I use four, maybe five.  Truvia™ was different – I was satisfied with one or two packets sprinkled in my coffee rather than four or five blue packets. It was just a sweet and I was using less. Later in the day I used another couple of packets over some strawberries and thought it was real crunchy sugar crystals – no after-taste!


With so many artificial sweeteners out there to choose from and reading about the side effects of laboratory created sweeteners — giving a Stevia product a try is a great way of weaning myself off using so much of the artificial sweeteners.  It’s part of my promise to myself to eat only things that help me reach my goal of being a healthy and happy person – Truvia™ is helping me!


If you were like me and avoided Truvia™ because of hearing about the bitter after-taste, try it – you might discover a yummier, healthier alternative to the pink, blue, and yellow packets.

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