Loner vs. Group Workouts

Author- J. Taylor

Which gives you a better workout?  Group class or loner style?

Up until I began my 8-week diet and exercise program called The Genesis Experience, I had never tried group workouts.  At times, I would hire a trainer to help me out; but it’s always been me versus me.

With this 8-week focus group I am participating in, it’s the first time I’ve experienced a workout in a class style with a trainer who is teaching us proper form, different moves, etc.  My class consists of five other people who are similar to me.  In other words, we are all well matched.  No one is light years better than me, nor am I the leader of the pack who is being slowed down by the rest of the group.

I’m finding out that this style of training works really well for me.  When it’s me versus me, my mind is so focused on my shortcomings, that I actually seem to become an enemy to myself, thwarting my own efforts; thus in the end, defeating myself and giving up.

With this group I’m training in, we have sort of a friendly competition amongst ourselves, yet at the same time, we root for and encourage one another.  For me, it is making a night and day difference.  Rather than me feeling as if everyone else is in a completely higher league than I’m in, I know that my classmates are in the same boat as me, with similar struggles, and trying to defeat the same “monsters” I’m working to overcome.

I know there are different strokes for different folks.  But, for me, I’ve discovered that a group style workout is far better than going loner style.  What about you?  What works best for you?

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