Music…Good for the Soul & Good for the Workout

Author: J. Taylor

If you love to exercise, sweat, and push your body to the limit…………         WAKE UP, YOU’RE DREAMING!!!! 

There are those who actually do enjoy exercise and pushing their body.  But, if you are a follower of my blog, you are probably not in that group.  Neither am I.  But here’s the rub, folks:  You don’t have to LIKE it; you just have to DO IT!  The fat is not going to fall off by itself.  It has to be pushed off (like Humpty-Dumpty…you know he was pushed).

So, with that thought in mind, how can we make exercise easier?  Music, my friend.  Music can drive you harder, allow your mind to wander, cool you down, pump you up, the list goes on and on.  Music is your best friend when it comes to exercise.  The trick is to find the RIGHT music to encourage your body to do what you want it to do.  That’s not as easy as it sounds.  So, I did some preliminary scrounging and came up with some websites that can help out.

My goal is to find a website or some software that can take the music I currently have on my iPod and determine how many beats per minute (BPM) each song is.  So far, I haven’t found it; but, I have come across some other things that can be helpful, in the meantime. is a terrific website for health and exercise in general (it’s Lance Armstrong’s website.  You know, the famous biker who overcame cancer and returned to be the best biker in the world?).  This link can give you helpful information and additional links regarding constructing the right song list for your workout.

I also found another website, called Podrunner,  that has its own music geared toward exercise, and is broken down into BPM.  Now, it’s not going to have your top 40 hits; it has its own motivational, driving music that encourages your body to push harder.  It’s pretty neat.  For example, they have a series of music, called “Bass 10”, that breaks down into ten minute intervals.   In the title it will say something like “150-160-170”.  That means the music starts out at 150 beats per minute for a ten minute segment, and then boosts up to 160 BPM for ten minutes, and then up to 170 BPM, etc.  (by the way, around 150-160 BPM is a good rate to workout at.  170 BPM is pretty fast).

I’ll keep looking for a way to determine how to break your favorite songs into BPM, and I’ll post the information when I find it.  In the meantime, maybe one of you already knows the answer.  If so, please comment on this blog post.  Thanks.

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