My First Experience with the Paleo Diet

Author- J. Taylor

Paleo diet, Caveman diet, Adam & Eve diet – call it what you will, but it all means the same thing;  the only carbs you get on the Paleo diet come from fresh veggies and fruit.


Greek yogurt?  Nope.

Milk?  Nope.

Cheese? Nope.

Cereal? Nope.

Pasta?  Nope.

Ice cream?  Ummm, that’s a given “no-no” on any diet.

Okay, what about Pinto beans?  Those are good for you.  Nope.

Baked potatoes – they’re healthy?  Nope.


When I discovered that this was the Paleo diet my doctor prescribed for me, along with the 8-weeks of a Crossfit exercise regiment known as The Genesis Experience, I thought to myself, “this is impossible!  What have I agreed to, anyway????  That doctor has lost his marbles!”

The first week was rather rough, I admit.  I had to think of things I could actually tolerate eating.  In addition to that, I needed to do a lot more prep work for the food I actually did eat.  Plus, I had to think ahead for the entire day and pack food to bring with me to work, or bring a healthy snack if I were to be out in town for the day.

In addition to all of this, I had to deal with a “carb hangover”, or carb withdrawal symptoms, of lethargy and a general, overall yuckiness.


HOWEVER – After the initial couple of weeks, I noticed positive changes in my body.  I was determined not to give up just because it was difficult in the beginning.  After all, isn’t that what I’d been doing my entire life?  Isn’t that why I ended up having bariatric surgery?  Hmmmm?

As per the doctor’s requirement, I was keeping a food log of what I ate, and how I felt an hour after I ate it.  It became clear that I had no problem at all getting plenty of fruit in my diet, but veggies were sorely lacking.

So, in an effort to correct this imbalance, I borrowed a juicer machine from my friend, and gave it a try (it’s a “Jack Lalanne Classic” juicer, and it works great).

I juiced:  kale, spinach, chard, collard greens, etc.; which by themselves would’ve tasted awful.  But, I found that by including a lemon, or apple in along with them, it really helped cut the “green” taste for me.  Okay, it still didn’t taste terrific, but, I was getting all my nutrition in, and it only took a couple of gulps and I was finished.  Yep, that worked for me.

As a result of keeping the food log, my doc and I could see a pattern emerging.  Once I began juicing, my energy and overall sense of well-being significantly improved.

At present, I am half way through my 8-week Paleo diet/Crossfit challenge.  Some of the folks in the group began seeing and feeling positive results almost immediately.  But, for me, it has taken at least three weeks into this program to really start seeing and feeling positive results.

But, I’ve kept at it the whole time, even on days when I felt discouraged that I wasn’t seeing the results my classmates were.  I’m extremely glad I’ve kept with it.  I’m loving the results I’m seeing now and also those I’m feeling.  Perhaps ol’ doc hasn’t lost his marbles after all!

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