Plateaus After Weight Loss Surgery


Author: J. Taylor

Weight-loss plateaus  – they are inevitable.  I just happen to have set up camp on one for the past several months.

I lost 70 pounds after my bariatric sleeve surgery two years ago; but I plateaued before I met my goal weight.  WAY before I met my goal weight.

So, my doctor issued a challenge to me.  Guess what it includes?  DING! DING! DING!  You’ve got it – diet and exercise.  But not just any diet and exercise regime.  No, he challenged me with the “Arnold Schwarzenegger” of diet and exercise.

But, I’m jumping ahead of myself.  Let me back up a little.

The doc tells me he would like for me to participate in an 8-week exercise focus group that is new to my area for post-bariatric patients.  He would like to see how effective the Crossfit workout is for post-bariatric patients who never made it to their goal weight.  He also mentioned that I would need to follow a specific diet, too.

I looked up the Crossfit exercise program online, and found that it is fast-paced and intense.  It kind of reminded me of the “Insanity” workout that I saw a preview for on TV.

I was admittedly intimidated, but figured I could make it through 8 weeks.  After all, I had expressed disappointment that I had stopped losing weight so short of my goal weight, and my doc had listened and responded with a helpful solution.

So, this past Friday, I attended the meeting to introduce this 8-week program.  The instructors included the owner of the Crossfit gym, a doctor, and a veteran of the Crossfit program.

I listened as the gym owner talked us through the Crossfit program, which is an always changing list of fast-paced exercises designed to keep your body confused. By doing this, your body will not get bored with a routine.  After listening to him I thought that I could do it, even though it would be hard and intimidating.

But, then, the doctor began speaking on the nutrition program we would be following.  It’s called the Paleo diet (I call it the Adam & Eve diet).  Google it – I dare you.  The doctor at the meeting explained all the wonderful ways this diet can benefit your body, and after learning about it, I certainly agreed.

The thing is, there are so many “do not eat” items on this diet that it caused a tingle of panic and cold sweat to rush up my spine.  No sugars, no sweeteners, no dairy, no breads/cereals, no grains, no legumes (there are probably more items on the list, but the great trauma to my mind caused me to block it out!).  The only items we CAN eat are lean meats, veggies and fruit.

At this point, I began shaking in my boots.  I might not be able to accomplish this challenge.  It is not “just” heavy-duty exercise; it is also a very scary diet. This might actually be more than I can handle.  What if I fail?

Well, starting tomorrow, we will find out.  Follow my blog to find out.  I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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