Pondering the Paleo Diet- Seeing is Believing

Author- J. Taylor

As you well know by now, when I first heard about the Paleo diet, I immediately shut down and decided there was NO WAY I could do it.  There were so many foods on the “do not eat” list, and only the foods I liked the least were on the “eat me” list.

My favorite comfort food is my homemade, hearty oatmeal, and I distinctly remember the first informational meeting when I learned I would not be able to eat it.  I was completely shocked (everyone knows oatmeal is good for you!), and I felt this internal wall go up defending my right to eat this wholesome dish.  I felt like getting up and leaving the meeting right then and there.

I’m not going to lie, the first week or two were difficult, but I’m so very glad I pushed through the hard part and stayed on target.  I’ve learned so much in the past couple of months; but now it’s more than just academic knowledge.  I’ve seen the positive results for myself with my own body.  It’s like a light bulb has turned on and now I “get it”.

Even keeping the food journal, that I thought would be so tedious, was immensely helpful.  I could look back and see how my body reacted to certain foods, and also, by keeping the journal I stumbled upon juicing my veggies (which has been a big help to me).

My mental focus has greatly improved.  The fogginess that hung over me while I ate bad carbs has all gone away, and I’m vibrant and alert, now.

In addition to that, I no longer have spikes of energy followed by crashing.  I have a nice, steady energy that lasts all day long, with no spikes.  Wow!  What a blessing that is.

I’ve had some other unexpected, positive results from the Paleo diet.  My complexion has evened out, my psoriasis has vanished and my chronic neck pain is gone.  I was not anticipating any of these things, I was just trying to lose weight.

As this 8-week Paleo diet/Crossfit challenge comes to an end, I realize I don’t want it to.  As I look back to the beginning, it seemed so unattainable.  Now, at the end, I’m so proud of myself.  I’m stronger, more confident, and I have decided to continue on with this lifestyle.  Difficult?  Perhaps.  But much easier than it was 8 weeks ago.  And I feel sure that in another 8 weeks, it will be even more second-nature to me.

What about you?  Have you taken time to consider any of this?  Don’t let your fear hold you back.  You have nothing to lose (except weight, LOL) and so very much to gain.  Think about it, and let me know what you decide.  I want to hear your story.

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4 Responses to Pondering the Paleo Diet- Seeing is Believing

  1. Jeannette Mulligan says:

    Hn… Dr Bledsoe, does this article have anything to do with our conversation yesterday (9/25) at my check up? Lol. You know I don’t want to do the Paleo diet because of my cream of wheat comfort food! Okay, okay… I’ll commit to it…. 8 weeks…. I mean, what’s 8 wks, in the scheme of things, right? Lol. You’re good…subtle…using smart psychology. 🙂

  2. S Bledsoe says:

    Lol. I had actually written this long before our conversation. I am glad to hear that you will try Paleo. You can do anything for 8 weeks. If you want a good book, “It Starts With Food” is one that I recommend.

  3. K Brown says:

    How does a rny bariatric patient transition into this?

  4. S Bledsoe says:

    You are probably doing something similar already, but it’s a matter of making correct choices at every meal. Protein is the most important. Really push protein, especially if you are still in the weight loss phase. In fact, build your meal around your protein source. Fish, chicken, pork, lean beef, and eggs are all great sources of protein. Add to your protein some kind of vegetable. That will likely fill you up. If you would like more, a little fruit or a sensible portion of nuts, berries or seeds is fine as well. Snacks should be protein based as well. A good book is “It Starts With Food.” Understand though, it was written with the general public in mind and not the surgical weight loss patient. I hope this helps!

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