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Author- S. Dekeyzer-James

The Internet is like a massive alien bazaar — whatever you could possibly want is out there for you to look at, buy, sell, or trade. Whatever subject you’re interested in is out there — all you have to do is choose a search engine, type in what you’re looking for and press “enter”.


I’ve been researching, studying, and analyzing web sites on one subject for several years now: Weight Loss Surgery.  I’ve looked at hundreds maybe thousands of web sites, YouTube channels, FaceBook pages, and dozens of chat areas all on weight loss surgery. I’ve also been monitoring what’s being discussed in the weight loss surgery community; and I’ve learned quite a bit – some of it good; some of it — flim-flam.


About two months ago, my weight loss had just about come to a standstill.  So, I began delving back into the web sites, YouTube channels, FaceBook pages and chat areas again looking for some answers.  It was by accident that I was looking at a YouTube channel I subscribe to and I saw over in the right column where they post “suggested videos of interest” a video entitled: Pouch reset.


If you were to “Google” pouch reset you’d get one million nine hundred thousand “hits”.  That’s probably how many reactions you get about this subject too.  I found most folks split down the middle.  Some said it was “completely bogus” and others said “it works like a charm”.  After a good bit of actual Internet research and studying a good many web sites — filtering out the nonsense while I was at it — I offer  the *6-Day Pouch Reset Plan.


*Note: Since many of the web sites I looked at were selling rather pricey versions of the Pouch Reset plans – I offer the completely non-proprietary version below.  I urge you to do your own research to find a plan you’re comfortable with.


What is it?

Basically the “Pouch Reset” was putting you back in touch with your “tool” (i.e. your pouch). It condenses the approximate 6-weeks recovery period after surgery in to six days.  It was recommended that about ten to fifteen months post-op you could try the 6-Day Pouch Reset.


Okay, I thought, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I waited until the weekend end to begin. Here’s the plan I followed for six days:


The 6-Day Reset Plan:


Day 1 and Day 2:  Liquid protein — in the form of protein shakes, smoothies, you drink these for each of your meals and snack. The first day I was thinking I had it licked, but by day two; I was wavering…. but I stuck it out.


Day 3 and Day 4:  Measured Puréed foods — Two ounces of whatever you’ve decided to eat.  Fat free refried beans; sugar free jell-o and continue having the protein shakes – I usually had a shake for breakfast.  I continued with my exercise classes, but found that I fizzled out about 30 minutes into the class — but still I stuck it out. By the end of day 4 I was feeling pretty good!


Day 5 and Day 6: Semi-soft foods – I continued measuring my food, two ounces of refried beans with a cube of cheese melted in it. I added things like scrambled eggs, pan seared fish filets, and kept the protein shake for breakfast and if I felt hungry I had another protein shake for a snack.


The results:

I weigh myself every Saturday morning. I use Wii Fit Plus™ my daughter and I got for Christmas to keep track of everything.  So just like every Saturday, I powered up the Wii and stepped on the Wii Fit board and it measured me and lo and behold 6.2 pounds lost!


When I stepped on the scale at the weigh-in at the gym that Monday night, I had lost another pound for a total of 7.2 pounds!  The following Saturday, I’d lost another 4.4 pounds.


Bogus or Beneficial?

All the various Pouch Reset Plans do exactly what they claim they will do: make you aware again of the tool your bariatric surgeon gave you to work with.  I say it was beneficial – but you’ll have to decide for yourself if you give the Pouch Reset Plan a try.

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