Restaurants After Weight Loss Surgery

Author: J. Taylor

After I had my surgery, I had to work my way back to eating solid food.  That wasn’t a problem; it made sense.  My tummy had been traumatized and needed time to heal and time for the soreness to go away.  So, for a while, I had no desire to eat at a restaurant.

As time went by, I added foods back into my diet, as instructed by my surgeon.  As I understand, some people’s system doesn’t react well to adding food after a surgery of that magnitude; especially those who have had the granddaddy gastric by-pass surgery.

But, as for me, I had no problems at all.  I had the gastric sleeve surgery, and followed all of the instructions my surgeon’s office suggested, and everything went smoothly.

I remember my first time going to a restaurant after the surgery.  My family and I went to IHOP for breakfast.  I tried to order off the children’s menu, but they would not allow it; even though I had the card my surgeon had given me explaining that I had gastric surgery and could only eat small portions.

So, I ordered a ham and cheese omelet.  When it arrived, I gave my hash browns to my son, my hubby and our other son split my pancakes, and I cut my omelet into thirds.  The kids were beginning to like this surgery thing…they get a bunch of my food.

I ate one-third of my omelet, making sure to chew thoroughly and eat very slowly.  By the time they finished their own meals, I was almost finished with the one-third portion of my omelet.  It worked our really well, because I took the rest of the omelet home, and had it for two other breakfasts.  Not bad, eh?

So, I have found that eating at restaurants after weight-loss surgery is not bad at all.  It’s just different than it was before.  I am careful to order items higher in protein, and I box a portion of the meal to take home.  I like it that way.  It’s like getting more for your money!

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