The Paleo Diet

Author: S. Bledsoe, M.D.

Have you ever hit on some information that changes how you act on a daily basis?  Several months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the Paleo diet (you can follow his blog at  I had heard of Paleo because of my activities at Crossfit, but I did not want to go on a diet.  Over time, I have realized that this is not a diet but a lifestyle.

What is the Paleo diet?  It is eating the way we were designed to eat.  While there are many ways to eat Paleo, most people would eat lean meats, eggs, vegetable, fruits, seeds, and nuts while staying away from sugars, grains, starches, and legumes.   Here is a great short summary.  I also found this site to be extremely helpful although it is pretty long.


For those of you who want the movie version, Robb Wolf has a short video presentation:



In my surgical weight loss practice, I already do something similar to this.  I tell my patients to eat lean meats, vegetables, and fruits.  Their surgery shrinks the size of their stomach to the point where that’s about all they can eat.  I have had great success with this approach.


For my patients who were successful but didn’t lose all the weight they had hoped, I have started a program with two other professionals to address this post-procedure plateau.  We have placed them on a strict Paleo diet and enrolled them in Crossfit Alexandria.  We are monitoring them closely to ensure their success and safety.  I will make you aware of their results when the data is back.


Personally, I have been basically eating Paleo for the past several months.  Let me say upfront, I am not good at following diets, but this is a lifestyle that even I can continue.  I have lost weight.  I feel good, and I am going to continue to pursue this.  After a few months of not having any candy, the Snickers bar I ate today (under significant duress I might add) tasted terrible.


I will be posting often on diet for obvious reasons.  Most of what I post will have a bent towards Paleo whenever medical possible.  I’m a believer.  Give it a shot, and you may be as well!

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