To Tell Or Not To Tell- That Is the Question

Author: J. Taylor

Since having my gastric sleeve surgery in 2010, there have been several different ways people approach me about my weight loss.  Most of the time, they are curious, but hesitant to ask me about it for fear of offending me.

Some people do a half-whisper with eyes darting in all directions; some say things like, “you look so healthy, what have you been doing?”; others say, “have you been working out or something?”; still others blurt it right out, “hey, I heard you had some weight-loss surgery”.

So how should a bariatric patient respond to these questions?  How do YOU think one should respond?  If it were you, what would you say?  Think quickly, there is less than half a second to state your answer, and keep in mind your eyes can sometimes speak the truth even if your words do not.

Should you lie and deny ever having any such surgery?  Should you say you’ve joined Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers?  Should you tell them you are not sure how it happened, that the weight just kind of slipped right off?  Should you say you joined a gym?

Me?  I realize it’s pretty obvious that SOMETHING has happened.  A large amount of weight doesn’t just vanish into thin air (except in my dreams).  So why bother trying to deny anything, right?  I don’t worry about nay-sayers who think surgery is a bad idea (and yes, I’ve had those types of people talk to me).  I’m not ashamed of having the surgery done.  Why would I be?  I’ve taken a major step forward in an area of defeat that also makes my body much healthier.

I choose, what I believe to be, the right response.

Are you ready for it????  Wait for iiiiiiiiittt……


That’s right, folks.  I have no hesitancy, second thoughts, or embarrassment about telling the truth.  Most people are just curious (or jealous) anyway; it’s human nature.                                                     Besides, would I prefer that they not notice at all???


Instead of stumbling over a reply or half-apologizing for it, I just keep life simple.  I’m always honestI’ve come to consider myself sort of like an instant encyclopedia for people.  When people ask me about bariatric surgery, it’s sort of like them “Google-ing” the topic on the computer.  I happily answer whatever questions they have, and for the most part, people seem to be content with that.

What about you?  What questions do you have for me?  I’m waiting…..

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