Weight Loss and Environment

Author: J. Taylor

This week I’m in a different environment .

I am:

  • away from home
  • away from my normal routine
  • away from my normal food and drink selections
  • someone else is cooking and preparing
  • someone else is choosing the food
  • I have no car available
  • I have no internet available
  • Even the television choices are not my own


I flew to another state to help take care of my mother, after she had an episode of some scary health concerns.  I’m staying with her, and my sister is taking care of meals for us.  She is serving things like freshly squeezed lemonade (with tons of sugar in it), pasta dishes with creamy sauce, mac & cheese with hot dogs cut up in it, cheesy potato soup with bacon, etc. (is it any wonder I ended up obese, growing up with this type of eating every day?).


So what do I do?  How do I give my body what it needs?  How do I avoid falling back into lousy eating habits?  How am I going to control my diet, get my protein in, and get zero calorie drinks?


I’m no doctor, but I know weight loss and environment can be significant.  I don’t claim to have all the right answers, but here is how I’m handling things:

  • I’m choosing to drink water instead of soft drinks (I did try a small cup of lemonade, so I would not offend my sister)
  • I’m doing my best to find the protein in the meals and eating that first.  For example, she served stuffed cheese Manicotti, and I picked around and ate the meat sauce which had ground beef in it, and I skipped the garlic bread and most of the cheese stuffing.
  • When she serves her desserts, I just take a bite from someone else’s dessert  plate instead of taking a serving of my own.  In this way, I avoid TONS of empty calories, but I can still praise her (much touted) dessert making abilities.
  • To fill my time, I would like to do some blogging or research on the internet…but, of course, there is no internet here – not even computer access (I grabbed a few minutes on my sister’s computer to write this blog).  So, I choose a walk, instead.


Hopefully, by taking these steps, I will avoid gaining weight while I’m here, taking care of my mother.  I’m a little nervous about it, but I’m doing what I can.  We’ll see what happens when I step on the scale at home.


P.S.:  I just got back home and stepped on the scale……….AND LOST 3 POUNDS!!!!  That’s what I’m TALKIN’ about!!!!!

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