Crossfit- An Introduction

Author: S. Bledsoe, M.D.

OK, I admit.  I was bored with working out.  I would go to the gym several times a week.  I would hop on a treadmill for a while, lift weights, stretch a little, and feel somewhat smug knowing that I had “been working out.”  The truth, and I knew it, was that I wasn’t pushing myself enough.  I would leave the gym barely having broken a sweat, knowing that I had left a lot on the table.   Enter Crossfit!


I had heard stories about Crossfit.  I had no intention of getting involved.  But at some point, I decided I was going to really exert myself during my workouts, but I knew that I needed some extra motivation to do it.


I decided to try it out.  My first class all I did was “Wall Balls” and “Burpees” for my actual work-out.  Complete 7 wall balls and 7 burpees and that is one round.  The goal was to complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes.  How hard could it be?  As it turns out, plenty hard!  I was sore for a week.  I knew I had to have more.


Every day was different.  Each workout would uniquely challenge some aspect of fitness.  Each day I felt a sense of accomplishment when I completed the prescribed workout.  I would miss it if I couldn’t make it for several days.  I started talking about it at work.  I was hooked.


I will be writing a lot about Crossfit in the future.  In fact, much of our exercise information on this website will be based on Crossfit theory.  I won’t attempt to cover all aspects of Crossfit on a single post, but I do want to throw down one challenge.  If you are bored with your workouts, if you are in reasonably good health, if you enjoy a challenge, if you like to do things that many people can’t do or wont’t do, if you like a sense of community, if you enjoy pushing yourself in a group setting, Crossft may be for you.  I would encourage you to find a local Crossfit gym and give it a shot.  You have nothing to lose but the weight.

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4 Responses to Crossfit- An Introduction

  1. Julie Taylor says:

    Oh my goodness. That’s SOME challenge you tossed out there.

    My first reaction is to run screaming in the opposite direction….but instead, I think I’ll put on my bull horns and see red. I can’t resist a challenge – I’m in.

    Now who’s with me?

  2. Patti says:

    I need some information on this. where is it?

  3. S Bledsoe says:

    If you live in the Alexandria, LA area, the local gym is on MacArthur right beside the Tractor Supply store. We are fortunate. We have a great gym that is run by some enthusiastic practitioners. They push you hard but safely. The community itself is very supportive. I highly recommend it.

    If you live in another area, you can look up the Crossfit gyms at There are affiliates all over the world. There is likely to be a gym near you.

  4. website says:

    Amazing article, thank you, I will subscribe to you RSS now.

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